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Packages WINTER Tromsø

Read more about our 4 Signature packages

  1. Adventure on Land

  2. Animals and Heritage

  3. Arctic Animals (till 15.01.21)

  4. Arctic Wildlife Animals (from 15.01.21)

Meet our arctic animals on land and on sea. Dive into the cultural heritage of the Sámi people. Enjoy this arctic active city in the North.

These 4 packages all include 3 arctic adventures, accommodation (including breakfast) and transport.

3 days - 2 nights
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Adventure on Land

3 days - 2 nights

From NOK 7300,-


Dog Sledding

Reindeer & Sámi Culture

Aurora Safari Evening

City centre accommodation

About: Meet our dogs & reindeer and search for the Northern Lights during our comfortable Aurora Safari camp evening.

Animals and Heritage

3 days - 2 nights

From NOK 7350,-


Dog Sledding

Reindeer & Sámi Culture

Aurora Dinner Cruise

City centre accommodation

About: Meet our dogs & reindeer and have a 3 course evening dinner on a boat hopefully accompanied by the Northern Lights.

Arctic Animals

3 days - 2 nights

From NOK 7900,-


Dog Sledding

Whale safari 

Sámi Reindeer Dinner

City centre accommodation

About: Meet all our animals: dogs & whales during the day and the reindeer during the night during an authentic Sámi camp dinner hopefully accompanied by the Northern Lights.


Dive into the North Norwegian life & traditions


Exclusive WINTER packages

Read more about our 4 Premium winter packages

  1. Adventure & Nature in Tromsø & Senja

  2. Glass Igloo unique Arctic night with Dog Sledding

  3. Active Arctic Food-life Tromsø

  4. Arctic Mountain & Sea retreat Lyngen

Sleep in a 360° glass igloo in the Arctic Wilderness under the Northern Lights. Dive into to north norwegian cuisine culture. Get to know the locals and their rich history and daily lifestyle. Explore the white beaches in the "Arctic Caribbean".

These 4 packages give you varied and unique life-lasting memories.

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Adventure & Nature

Combo Senja & Tromsø

5 days, 4 nights

From NOK 14 300,-


Fans of authentic local gastronomy

Loving adventure on land and the sea

Keen on unique wellness by the Atlantic Ocean

Stunning northern nature


Get a wonderful taste of two Arctic worlds: enjoy adventures and an active life in Tromsø city, the Paris of the North, and calm down and relax on Senja, the Caribbean of the North, next to the Atlantic Ocean.

This journey includes 6 adventures on land a sea, spiced with moments to relax, calm down and enjoy the wilderness and silence of the Arctic. Discover this hidden gem here in the North.

360° Glass Igloo with

breathtaking Dog Sledding tour


2 days, 1 night

From NOK 3900,-


Celebrating special moments

Bucketlist hotspot for overnight stay

Seekers of pure white wilderness

Calming & relaxing time off


Surround yourself by the pure arctic nature, whilst being warm and cosy inside the comfortable glass igloo. You will be sitting in the midst of nature, with a perfect view to everything, from wildlife to starry nights, northern lights, or maybe a raging storm. This brings you closer to the elements, while at the same time being protected from them. Join an unique dog sledding tour in the mainland of this region. Ideal package to explore the pure area.


Active Arctic Food Life


4 days, 3 nights

From NOK 10 400,-


Curious about North Norwegian Cuisine

Fun adventure on land and sea

Fine dinning with spectacular views on our silent catamaran

Explore the Arctic City life


Welcome to our lively arctic city, also known as 'The Paris of the North'. Get a proper taste of the North Norwegian food and beverage culture, and dive into the rich history of our beloved fishermen. You will see, hear, touch, and taste the story, on land and on the sea. Enjoy time exploring this cosy city on your own, with its plentiful shops, bars, museums, and heated terraces all to discover. 

Arctic Mountains & Sea Retreat

Lyngen Alps

4 days, 3 nights

From NOK 14 500,-


Couples and friends

Exclusive adventures

Finding calmness & energy

Full comfort


Calm down and reconnect with nature, here in the Arctic. 4 days, surrounded by the ocean. Regaining energy during your exclusive arctic wellness session. Though, this retreat is not only focused on calming your senses by wild nature and high comfort. Explore the stunning area by joining a dogsledding team on the trails, by enjoying local food & beverage craftsmanship, ... our lodge is your safe heaven. We are a small capacity luxury lodge, that contributes to cosy and social talks during and after the small group activities. Welcome.


Exclusive SPRING packages

Read more about our 2 Premium spring packages

  1. Sea kayak course in Senja

  2. Sail & Ski in Lyngen Alps

Ready for pure fun or into challenge yourself and increase your skills?

In the mountain? Or on the sea?

These 2 packages give you varied and unique life-lasting memories.

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Sail & Ski

Lyngen Alps

From 4 to 7 days

From NOK 9,750


Backcountry lover

Go to remote powder lanes

Support sustainable toerism

Unique bucketlist ski event

Couple or friends

Sea Kayak Course
2 days, 1 nights

From NOK 4,990

Learning or improving sea kayak skills
Future self-guided kayak trips
Unique kayak location seeker
Family trip
Colourful sunset or midnigtsun lovers
Add-on to summer holiday


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