Mountain & Sea Retreat package

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Your journey 

Start from Thursday till Sunday

Available periods:

18-21 February 2021

04-07 March 2021

Day 1

Scenic route to Lyngen Alps

  • In the afternoon you start you trip to the Lyngen Alps by arranged transfer with car and ferry or choose your own transport.

  • Feel at home in the Lyngen Experience lodge, settle in and get mesmerised by the view.

  • Go for a small hike to explore the area and enjoy a delicious cosy dinner in the evening.

  • Calm your senses and enjoy, during an Arctic wellness spa moment under the northern lights (timeslot)

Day 2

Culture scenic route and experience

  • This day is unique. Whether you are or are not a whisky lover, this distillery visit & tasting is a must do. Welcome to the northernmost distillery in the world, surrounded by mountains and the sea, and and steeped in Viking history. Here you will enjoy a guiding and tasting tour.

  • We guide you through the Lyngen Alps and take you to the northeast of the Lyngen peninsula. Discover the 20th century history during a short Arctic history trail. Truly unique.

  • Afterwards you have time to relax and enjoy your home here with us, during an Arctic wellness spa treatment (timeslot).

  • Relax and enjoy a delicious dinner. Maybe end your day with a drink next to the bonfire?

Day 3

Adventure on the sledge and arctic wellness

  • Get ready for the time of your life with our Alaskan huskies. They will be thrilled to have you on their team. Doing this exclusive activity in the Lyngen Alps is truly an incomparable way of getting to know the world of dog sledding and mushing. 

  • In the afternoon, you can relax in our private Arctic wellness spa, with stunning views to the surrounding mountains (timeslot). Truly extraordinary!

  • In the evening, our chef prepares a delicious dinner for you and your beloved ones.

  • Later, we go out looking for the northern lights. We choose the best way to ensure the best chances, but still keep our fingers crossed.

Day 4

Relax morning and see you later

  • Enjoy your last day here with us. Settle in after breakfast with a final coffee or tea, and gaze at the nature around you.

  • Thank your for being a part of this story here in Lyngen.


Optional convenient road and ferry transport 

Relax. Give yourself this effortless transport package. We take good care of you.


  • Pick-up at 14:00 (2pm) in the city center (Kystens Hus - next to taxi rank)  by comfortable car or minibus

  • 2 hour scenic transfer

  • Drop off at the front door of the Lyngen Experience lodge


  • Check-out at 12:00 (12:00 noon)

  • 12:15 (12:15pm) leaving the lodge for a scenic transfer to Tromso

  • 14:00 (2pm) Arrival at city centre (Kystens Hus - next to taxi rank)

Other transport options

Go by own car or car rental from Tromsø.

  • Own transport


Pictures credits:

  • Last banner with Northern Lights with Lyngen Experience lodge: Kodiak Photograpfy

  • All other figures/pictures: Lyngen Experience / Kjetil Skogli