Glass Igloo package

Full description


Your journey

Day 1

Ride of your life

  • Leave Tromsø at 09:00 from Scandic Ishavshotel to the husky farm, during a 2 hour scenic drive to the winter wonderland of the northern region.

  • After arriving at the camp, you will meet the dogs and start preparing for your adventure. The experienced guides will teach you how to ride your sled safely before we head out into the wilderness. We explore the area and stop for pictures. The sledding lasts around 1 to 1,5 hours. After heading back, the host at the husky kennel awaits you with delicious hot local food, based on Arctic commodities.

  • Afterwards you make your way to the Glass Igloo, around 30 minutes, so enjoy the scenery. Once there, you can check-in and enjoy the unique accommodation and surroundings.

  • If ordered as an option, you enjoy a locally produced and prepared dinner in the traditional warm and cosy guesthouse.

  • In the evening, get mesmerised by the surroundings and sky. Hopefully, you will see the magical northern lights dance for you.

Day 2

Wake up in pure nature

  • Enjoy a relaxing morning, with full breakfast including locally made jams (if ordered).

  • If you want more fun: add a Moose Safari or snowmobile trip to the morning of your second day.

  • If chosen, your transfer at 14:00h brings you back to Tromsø city, where you have some time to explore.


Glass igloo experience

The 360 degree igloos, 2 hours drive inland from Tromsø, are made to be luxury hotel rooms with a twin bed, two comfortable armchairs, tables, cosy light, music, and heating. If it gets very cold, they are still warm enough to sleep in, but you also have the opportunity to move into the guest house to sleep.
You will be sitting in the midst of nature, with a perfect view to everything from wildlife to starry nights, northern lights, or maybe a raging storm.


The glass igloos have all the privacy you want. and you can close the curtains if you prefer. There is mood lighting in the surrounding trees to guide you on the property during the dark hours, but you can easily turn them off via a handy remote control if you prefer complete darkness, only guided by the light of the stars, the moon and hopefully the northern lights.


  • 360° degree view

  • Surrounded  by the forest and river

  • Perfect spot for Northern Lights

  • Full privacy


Access to the guesthouse

When renting a glass igloo, you have access to the renovated, shared, guesthouse with bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen and lounges with woodstoves.

The house has 2 twin bedrooms and 1 triple bedroom for up to 7 people.

You can rent the guesthouse or the whole property as a private party, and including the 3 igloos,  we can accomdate up to 13 people.  As an add-on, you can include up to 3 igloos in your package, ideal for a reunion or cosy time with friends and family, price NOK 4,500 for the whole house.

The glass igloos are surrounded by authentic pine and birch forest, next to the river, and here you can try out our snowshoes; large footwear that enables you to walk on top of the snow.


  • Easy access

  • Spacious bathrooms 

  • Full equipped kitchen

  • Cosy living with fire stove

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Upgrade your stay

Even if this experience is a unique stay, you can also embrace the local culture and hospitality by adding some extra adventure to your journey:​

  • Join a fun snowmobile tour

    • NOK 1,395 per person

  • Go on a Moose Safari, looking for this legendary mammal.

    • NOK 1,395 per person


  • Small or private group activities

  • Learn about north Norwegian culture

  • Choose what fits you on the spot

  • Increase your competences


Culinary indulging

Upgrade your stay and spoil yourselves with a delicious, authentic Norwegian cuisine experience. This is all locally produced and prepared. Don’t spend time cooking, just be and enjoy your family/friends time, while the owners are more than happy to cook a delicious dinner for you. Delve into the food culture.

Preferences can be discussed so we provide your ideal experience.

Hearty full breakfast: NOK 200 per person

Lunch box: NOK 250 per person

Delicious 3-course dinner: NOK 650 per person


  • Locally procuced and prepared

  • Northern Norwegian cuisine experience

  • No cooking, just savouring

  • Uninterrupted time with your beloved ones


Optional transport package

We can arrange transfer from Tromsø to the glass igloo, and also to the activities and back:

  • FULL transfer: NOK 750 per person

If you have your own transport, you can park your car for free at the property.

The location is 2 hours away from Tromsø, 1 hour from Bardufoss airport. The route brings you into the winter wonderland area of the inland.


  • Beautiful route to the Målselv

  • Comfortable transport options

  • Drop-off & pick-up at the lodging

  • Just enjoy the scenery